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Helping our future motocross champions today!

Hands up if you have a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal?

If you are like most of us chasing your dreams on a shoe-string budget, you better read on...

Every day I get contacted with sponsorship requests from motocross riders I have photographed at events. Now, I would like to help as many aspiring athletes that I can, but as an emerging business that's forging its own career in the world of sports photography, it's just not financially possible to accommodate everybody - not while I'm also working hard to keep my family fed and pay the mortgage anyway.

I've always been a big believer in "why not?" So, saying "no" is just not in my nature. Having said that, what is my "Plan B?"

How can I give someone's career a boost without having to send my kids out to work in the salt mines lol to make ends meet?

Welcome to Team My Action Images

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More tracks may be added to Team My Action Images during the year depending on race day schedules that My Action Images is a part of.


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