Media Relationships

We all love a good story. So why not get your profile and achievements out there - starting with local media? The good news is, it is really not all that hard. Just like your racing, you have to be consistent and keep presenting.

Make a list of your local media outlets, eg: newspapers, radio and TV. All are on the hunt for good newsworthy stories. Then take it a step further. List some motocross-specific magazines and online motocross media sources. They too may run community based stories in their publications or give "Shout-outs" from time-to-time.

Next, you need to start compiling a database of these media outlets including email addresses, telephone numbers and ideally the contact person for each organization. This can be done by either searching the internet or picking up the phone and asking who the Sports contact is to send stories or photos.

"What do I write about?" I hear you say. Well, that's entirely up to you. Do you have a major event or milestone coming up? Have you just competed in a major event? Are there, or have you faced, challenges that make your successes (or pursuit for success) special?

Nobody expects you to write a full 1000-word piece. After all, you are an aspiring motocross rider not a journalist. Right? It does help though if you send a quality photo with a caption (no more than 100 words) describing the "Who, what, where" of your picture AND if you so desire, the "how and why" of it all as well.

If writing a story about yourself is not really your thing, that's okay. Just send in quality original photos (no watermarks) from your events. Check with each organisation about what their image resolution and format requirements are beforehand.

Most local news outlets have community pages such as "Junior Sports Reports" or "Weekend Sports-wraps" where people are encouraged to send in their pics. The same applies for social media pages of these organisations. Just make sure you add a caption to your photographs and a credit for who took the photo. You never know, they may make contact to run a story.

As your motocross career develops, so too should your media relationships. Keep in regular contact and feed the media with positive stories about how you are progressing and anything you have coming up on the horizon. They may not run with every story, but just like your racing persistency and consistency are the "keys to success."

Until next month when I will cover the use of Motocross Journals - a tool that will help tremendously with not only tracking your career path but provide your fans and media with an insight into the journey you take during that career.


Pete Yandle






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