Sports memories begin with us!


If you are a "Team" rider with one of the major brands you would already be familiar with keeping a journal and reporting back to your sponsor about how your event went.

I've actually kept a journal for over 20 years and I reckon there would be some gossip to tell over the years, but that's another story.

So, why keep a journal? They are useful for a number of reasons. Here's just a few:

  1. Sponsorship feedback - your sponsors have invested in you. They want to know how you are progressing and in particular, get first hand reports that they can use in promoting you and their own brand.
  2. Personal review and goal setting - even if it's only a brief account of how your day at the track went every bit of information counts. It can help you recall how you went at particular tracks and provide motivation for upcoming races. Keep your journal for long enough and you start to form patterns of how you raced at each event. It's your story though. Jot down how you felt on the day, maybe the memorable (or not-so memorable) moments, a simple, race by race summary. Just write something.
  3. Media - you may find from time-to-time various media approach you about a story. Don't know what to tell them? Well, you do have a journal with direct quotes. Easy! If you aren't comfortable or have the confidence to do an interview, tell them you are pressed for time, but will forward on a statement.
  4. Fan engagement - your social media followers want to know how you went before, during and after each event. A journal will always provide you with subject material to keep them happy. Just be human and not robotic with your comments.

There's 2 ways you can keep your journal:

  1. Electronically
  2. The "old-fashioned" way and hand write it in a diary

Your choice is a personal preference. If you do it electronically, you can use a word-processing program or there are numerous electronic journals available online (some are free, but not all). I actually prefer to write it all down in a diary, because my diary is usually in a place where I can see it and serves to remind me to write something.

Until next month.

Dream big, work hard, no limits.

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